The Wailing Knight.

Inside me is a raging fire

Growing bigger and bigger

As more and more fuel is added to it everyday

In the deepest recesses of my soul,

It blazes!

Despite my protests and best efforts

It refuses to be put out

This fire, at the root of all my problems

has awakened in me

A deep dark monster

This unquenchable immovable and impenetrable beast

Sits and guards the raging fire

It stokes it, controls it,

It created it.


So now I sit here while inside me simmers


A flame far beyond my power

and in the midst of it

I refuse the one who can help me;

The very knight in shining armour

who from childhood days I craved

Sits by on standby

While I battle and fight and wage war alone.

He who can conquer the beast within

douse the fire and rekindle in me

A fresh flame

One that shines true

But! Alas, alack!

I am angry with my knight

for reasons yet unbeknownst to me I scorn and scoff

at him in spite of all he can do for me,

I have rejected him

My foolish pride has reared her ugly head

and implores me to stand on my shaky ground

I refuse to listen to him

Lest I fall!

My red hot anger when stripped down

reveals impertinence and laziness at its very core

But worst of all, it reveals my fear

of that unknown ground and untrodden

and there lie my truest fears

And thus with unintentional intent

I continue to feed the ferocious monster

that guards the raging fire

It grows and grows

by and by everyday

sending me a little crazier

Alerting me to my imminent danger

and inherent morality

. . .

But yet the monster stays

the flames blaze

and my knight mourns and wails.

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