I’ve been thrown in among the big fish

In the middle of the ocean

Turns out all along,

I was a mammal

I can’t breathe underwater


I can’t survive like the other fish do


I can swim and I can dive steep

But I will never be able to sleep

On ocean floors deep

I always have to scratch the surface

Floating on top of the circumference

Of the sphere on which I take up residence


All around me are fish,




Successfully avoiding the nets

That only catch mammals like me

The ones incapable of inhaling and exhaling

Under the waves of the sea

So I toss, billow and roll because

The toll imparted on me is too heavy,

So I swim down


I stay until my lungs feel to burst


I stay until my eyes glaze


And my vision blurs


And the watery cacophony


Is a distant lull



I was a mammal, not a fish.


I drowned.

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