A Box.

I took God and I threw him in a box.

I threw him in a box,

and then I threw away the key,

to my salvation and my humanity

Becoming more and more monster like every day

as I wrestle with the saviour

and forget to say my prayers

The God of the earth,

sent his son to die for me

but then I threw him in a box,

and then I threw away the key

now I barely hang on to cute quotes

and spirit filled sermons

instead of strong knees

and tear-streaked assurance

I took his precious gift

and I stomped and spat on it

Incarcerated myself in a prison of my own making

now everywhere inside me, burn eternal flames of hell

fuelled with my hopelessness and despair

at what I let my life become

the ruins I let it crumble to,

with seemingly no care

and as I sit in the rubble

covered in my dirty sins

I looked for a hero,

and finding none

one I became

a tragic hero for a tragic tale

the hero of Ashadom, that dark city pale

in comparison to Sodom and Gomora

refusing the cleansing blood of a Saviour

looking for a hero

somebody to save her

not love but help

to raise her from the ashes

that is her life

but finding none, she became her own

inadequate though she may be

full of hope and faith

only to realise too late

that these were all misplaced.



So watch the castle crumble,

then the motor and the drawbridge

watch the dragon eat the princess

for this knight

could not slay it,


because she took God

and she threw away the key

to the box she locked him in

and all she is left with,

is a sad shell of,



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