Finding Myself & Befriending Creativity: She Who is Unorthodox.

Casheera Shantora


There’s a bajan vlogger by the name of Sheriann Norris and she is pretty amazing. Recently, she had a post that really stuck out to me on her Instagram, it really got me thinking.

Under a photo of her in an outfit made by the vlogger herself, a Sheriann original, she wrote eloquently in bajan You can be ANYTHING you want to be. Don’t let d old foolish people try to scare you into fitting into a mould, BUT YA CAN’T BE STUPID!! Be an EDUCATED: Scabbical. Entrepreneur. SKinoutologist. Mathematician. Karaoke whore. Volleyballer. Calypsonian. Pool player. #sew-ER. Vlogger. Writer. Creator. Actor. Teacher. Weed smoker. CUSS BIRD!”

Now I may not personally agree with some of the things mentioned or how it was said, however, the point of the post did not fall on deaf ears. It was pretty inspiring. I immediately started reminiscing to the times where my mind…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You inspire me to be…


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