Some people can’t take you as you are
For some, love is not enough to see you through it all
Some always want a try
But they never like when it doesn’t go their way
Then you’re standing there wondering why?
Your heart is so broken
Your tear ducts are frozen
You need to cry to express your sorrow
Of all that could have been but was not
But you can’t
The tears won’t come
Even they don’t want you

So you begin to wonder…
What is wrong with me?
Is it bad to have standards
Have I set my targets too high
Are my expectations outrageous
I’ll never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t

So they all clamour
They all admire
They all desire
But at the end of it all
No one truly wants it
Nor are they willing to take it
That’s what I call me.
Nothing but an object
For you to test drive and try.
But unlike most cars
I’m stubborn as a mule
With a strong mind of my own
You can’t change it.
You can’t own it.
You can’t control it.
So you reject it.
Yeah, you give it the spiel
Oh, you’ll find someone great.
Someone deserving of you.
Someone willing to wait.
Wait until you’re ready.
They sound so stupid and hopeful.
Two days later they’re test driving a more willing engine
One that changes its gears more easily

One that changes its gears more willingly
One that gives them more control and power.

It stuck up for it.

Why is it the only one left hurting?

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