We don’t always get closure.

Hating is a lot of energy.

Pain and anger

Are soul-sucking leeches.

It is much easier to forgive

So that you may truly live

Take it all

To let go

Why are you holding on too

Tight to

All that heartache and pain chile

You ain’t owe nothing to them two

Why you letting him mess up your

State of mind and

State of being

Why you sitting around

Waiting for answers

To the questions you asked,

Before your ancestors were sold and bought

Before they gunned down MLK

Before they let us sit with them

Before they allowed us the basic human rights

Denied us for far too long




When you still cared.


I know I exaggerate but,

Before that was then

Way back when

Your turmoil blurred your vision

And you still yearned for

his attentions and affections

And closure,

So you could properly

Close the door

That was still ajar.


Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust

Yearning died.

And so will you,

If you cannot comprehend

That the thick black layer

Encasing your heart

Will eventually seep in

If you do not break it apart

Not for him,

But for your reflection,

In the mirror.



We all have to bend

To feed our roots

And fix our growth,

So we do not become,

The very thing we loathe.





We must be our own closure.

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