Ojos y Piernas.

Ojos abiertos, piernas cerradas

es que todo dicen

pero solo a las mujeres

¿Don’t hombres have to keep

their piernas cerradas también?

Apparently not.

Instead we give them condoms.


Ojos abiertos, piernas cerradas

Only mujeres become embarazadas

Entonces no digamos nada a los hombres.

They catcall and whistle,

they jerk off and sexually harry,

y todo está bien.

pero es chistosa no?

No para nosotras,

when you make us feel la vergüenza

porque somos madres solteras.

But what did you think would happen,

when you made it okay for los hombres

to sleep around.

Who did you think they would sleep with?

Los gatos?

Sí, un gatito pero no el animal.


Ojos cerrados, piernas abiertas

don’t think just feel

the sensations and the pleasure

don’t see the way they treat you and discard you

after they have sampled and trampled

the fruit from your jardín secreto

that was barely even maduro.

No te preocupes mami!

My pull out game strong.

But so is my pull in.

Can’t you see?

Sordo y ciego.

eso es la sociedad,

en cuanto a los hombres y su sexualidad

pero no se puede callarse

when it comes to us mujeres.

Si el sexo es solo bueno en la cama del matrimonio,

porque no le diga eso a los hombres.


Ojos cerrados y piernas abiertas

when they whisper sweet nonsense to us

because they cannot live without..

it, I mean us

they’re built different y eso es.

Men have needs.

…but who do you think fulfills them?

They close our ojos

and open our piernas

and whether we want them to or not,

take us on magic carpet rides

to new galaxies and dimensions

and worlds we have never traveled

they are rarely there

when the carpet leaves burns

Burns that hurt for nueve meses

And leave scars for una eternidad


Then, it’s ojos abiertos, piernas cerradas

in an attempt to soothe el fuego

but ya es demasiado tarde.

El hombre busca una nueva víctima

y nos deja con

los pedazos rotos de nuestras vidas.


Ojos abiertos, piernas cerradas

It’s what we tell our daughters

And what they will tell their daughter’s daughters

As our mother’s mothers told us.

not realizing that we aide

in creating the very society we cohabitate

with the men that these

crippling behaviors perpetuate

How feckless of us women.

Will we continue in this state of inertia?

“Don’t dress like that or you’re asking for it, mija”


Basta ya.


Men will be men.


But that doesn’t mean they have to be boys.

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