He told you you’re the only

flower in his garden and you believed him

When have you ever seen a garden

with just one flower?

No blossoms and bursts or riots of colour

Fighting against each other all

vying for the attention of one.


When have you ever known flowers

to come singly and not in bouquets

Whoever told you he’d stay

faithful to you, lied.

Because you yourself saw him

in the garden

Stopping to admire

Every. Single. Flower.

As if your petals didn’t matter

You plumed everyone for him,

he never even noticed

The highlighted beauty within

He was too busy watering other

gardens so you gave him



He left.


Your garden was now too desolate

for his vibrant soul

A problem he only discovered

after feasting on said soul

And that the problem was with him


Now your petals are constantly falling.

Even they don’t want you

The only ones that remain are soiled

In your solitary garden you somehow

forgot how to blossom

As if you ever needed someone

else to bloom and grow.

You let another dictate you

write pages of your book

just by what they said

“You’re the only flower in my garden”

and suddenly you ceased

seeing the lies or the others around you

The clear evidence of his falsehoods

Why did you stop seeing you?

You are a flower

Keep those petals straight!


Seasons pass

You evolve

You move on

You learn to love your solitude

Because orchids bloom so well alone.

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