Ode to Black.

How would you feel?

If everywhere

The images you saw were black

Black leaders

Black models

Black teachers

Black policemen


If Black ruled

The Oscars would be #soblack

And the token would be white


How would you feel

If you were just a mere token

A mere afterthought

If for hundreds of years your ancestors were

Bought and sold

Life was priceless but everyday yours was priced

You belonged to someone

You were inferior to their superiority

Not allowed to learn to read or to write

Cuz your animal like capacities don’t allow it

So the blacks got rich off your backs


How would you feel

If even with the yoke of slavery broken

Still you struggle to make ends meet

While keeping to your side of the street

Still downtrodden

Under the oppression of segregation

And your forced submittance

To the Race superior

Living in a country under democracy

Yet having no choice in the bureaucracy

Even their women are above you

Evidence by their suffrage

Earned ages before you


But that’s history

Yesteryear’s story

Why rehash what is passed

When we live in the now?


Never mind the males of your people

Are frisked and imprisoned

For the slightest infringement

Your women are told they aren’t

“Classically beautiful”

And that their hair is a mess

Their lips are too big

Their butts are too big

But when those who rule

Tweak and twerk themselves to look the same

It is praised



Imagine ancestors displayed in zoos

Shuttled like cattle

Slaughtered like animals

Raped and impregnated at whim

Men taught to be unfaithful

Men not allowed to be fathers

Men who can’t even be men


Imagine police the enforcers of the law

Gunning your people down in the street

Being made aware of the colour of your skin

Every   Single   Day

And then told to stop seeing colour


Is it hard to imagine?

Is it impossible to fathom?

Oh! You’re not black?

That’s why then.


This is an ode to black

And ode to those who feel the need to be sorry

An ode to those who have done

An incredible job of staying alive

An ode to the most forgiving race

Despite what has happened to them throughout history

An ode to those who wore the mask so well

Even when the rainbow was enuff


This   is   an   Ode   to   Us.

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